Hotel Accommodation

In urgent cases we are able to arrange and fund provisional hotel accommodation ensuring that occupants and their families are moved into safe and comfortable accommodation speedily and at no expense to them. This can be a huge relief especially following what many describe as a very traumatic event. Hotel accommodation may be the preferred option for very short-term requirements or as provisional arrangement pending a move to more suitable longer-term accommodation.

Shorter-term Accommodation

For shorter-term requirements of between 3 and 12 weeks we are often able to locate more suitable accommodation in the form of serviced apartments, country cottages and holiday lets. These are the preferred option against extended hotel stays as they allows more space and flexibility and are generally less expensive than even the cheapest hotels. They also save on subsistence payments to occupants, which can soon add-up with lengthy hotel stays.

Longer-term Accommodation

The most common requirements for 2, 3 or 4 bed properties can be covered with standard Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST’s). These are generally fixed for 6 or 12 month periods although we are often able to negotiate a break-clause allowing them to be terminated after 3 or 6 months. In some instances a non-AST (Common Law) tenancy will be required. All tenancy agreements are negotiated in advance by our experienced team and are checked prior to the occupants signing and moving in.


In certain situations the best solution is to provide a static mobile home or even a tourer-type caravan for extended use. Modern mobile homes come with double-glazing and central heating and can be connected to the mains services. They can also be adapted for disabled or elderly occupants use. This combines the convenience of ‘living at home’ and not having to uproot the occupants’ family with substantial cost savings. They are especially convenient when pets/animals cannot easily be relocated or where there are other considerations making a move to a similar property inconvenient or impractical.

Furniture Hire

In circumstances where a complete relocation is required we are able to offer furniture and white goods rental. This is particularly appropriate in today’s residential letting market as more landlords are renting properties unfurnished to avoid falling foul of complicated health and safety legislation. Our national supplier can provide a range of furniture solutions for every requirement with the confidence that all items supplied comply with the current legislation.

Removals and Storage

Where necessary we can arrange for removals to be carried out to coincide with the occupants taking-up possession of their alternative accommodation. We can also organise the safe storage of furniture and personal items not required at the alternative accommodation. Quotes can be obtained from a number of national and local removal companies on an individual case basis.

Rental Values Search

In situations where occupants wish to arrange their own accommodation we are able to provide you with a selection of rental properties in their vicinity that suit their requirements. This will provide average rental values to be compared against the occupant’s selected property so that like-for-like accommodation costs can be assured.

Subsistent Payments

Where subsistence or other urgent payments to occupants are required we are able to make those payments, same day if required directly into a nominated bank account and invoice at a later date. This saves invaluable time and administration and can often avoid a formal complaint being raised against the client.

Administration Fees

Our current fee-structure is shown. Agreements can be entered for reduced or nil fees based on volume instructions or for reimbursement via a bordereau arrangement.

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