What to Do After a Flood in the UK?

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The Steps to Take After Your Home Is Affected By Flood Damage

Among the many disasters that have been affecting millions of people worldwide, floods have been classified as the most expensive and devastating natural calamity. Many nations have always prepared for this natural disaster, but there are times when floods happen unexpectedly causing a lot of damage and fatalities.

Floods have negatively impacted the lives of many property owners and their loved ones. Floods will strike with little warning and homeowners should always be prepared. It all starts by asking yourself a simple question, what happens if my house floods?

Surviving a flood is not an easy undertaking, especially if you despair or get confused on what to do if my house floods. You have to take the right actions and figure out how to compact this disaster. And if you have never experienced floods before, you may lose it and wonder what to do when your house floods.


When you experience flood homes, you should not just sit there and watch water wreak havoc on your structures, your personal belongings or even drown in the process. Flood waters in most cases are contaminated with products that can be harmful to your health.

The environment inside a flooded house is never good for living. As a result, you have to figure out what to do if your house floods. There are a number of factors that can lead to household flooding. They include;

  • Heavy rainfalls.
  • Burst pipes at home.
  • Sewer back-up.
  • Malfunctioning water pumps.

Even if you know what has caused your house to flood, you should take immediate action. You have to figure out what to do if house floods and reduce the amount of damage likely to occur in the flooded household. In addition, you will make clean-up and home repair much easier and successful procedures.

Dealing with Floods- Everything to Know

You are lucky if you have never experienced floods before. But if you live in the UK, you should always be prepared on what to do after a flood in your house. It all starts by being equipped with the right information on how to handle natural calamities like floods.

You can gather a lot of information online about handling floods, learn from friends or from companies that offer disaster management services. Fortunately, there are after a flood the first steps that you should abide by and stay safe. They include;

1. Have a flood survival plan

Whenever a disaster strikes, the best remedy is to find ways to survive the flood damage house ordeal. Not many people are able to evade such occurrences but with a practical plan, everything can work out smoothly. Furthermore, no one plans or anticipates these unexpected ordeals will take place.


So you have to plan what to do when house floods and survive the calamity at hand. It is not an easy undertaking, but there are a few things that you can do and stay safe. For instance:

  • You need to identify a safe place or house to stay in.

To survive water damage before and after floods, you can decide to visit a safe town where no one is affected by floods. However, make sure that everyone knows where these locations are. There should also be a reliable means of transport to get everyone out of the flooded apartment.


  • Have a good communication plan

When tragedies strike, everyone in the neighbourhoods needs to have a reliable means of communication. The involved parties should provide contact information to guarantee an easier and reliable communication strategy when you call panicking a room flooded what to do.

  • Have an emergency kit in place

To survive any catastrophic event, you have to know or have means to handle any emerging dangers. When floods strike, many people are caught unaware and many lack emergency supplies kits to help the affected. So, it’s wise to bring with you the best medications and emergency kits even before you worry about what to do after a flood.

2. Contact your insurance firm

If you are still wondering, what to do after flood inside the house, it is time to seek guidance from disaster management experts. You need to immediately contact your insurance company, if you have covered your property.

Flood insurance is something every resident in the UK should consider. It is expensive to repair homes or properties once they have been damaged, but with the help of an insurance company, you will not break your bank account. Make that call as soon as possible, don’t get frustrate or panic.

3. Save what you can if possible

It easy to panic when floods hit your city but you should think outside the box, if you are still safe.  You cannot just keep crying that my house flooded what do I do? You need to rise to the occasion and do something.  As you protect yourself, you also need to try and save what you can.

Go on and salvage any personal items that can be saved from imminent damage. Also, take pictures of the property and belongings as you figure out what to do after a flood in your home. Before you remove any belongings out of the water-logged house or think of any repairs, you need to;

  • Fully document the extent of damage caused for your insurance company.
  • Take pictures that will help you get a genuine insurance cover that will satisfy your needs and decrease the extent of your coverage.
  • Give the documents and photos to your insurance adjuster and follow up with the relevant procedures.

4. Call up a professional contractor

You cannot rush and pursue home flood damage repair when you have not consulted with relevant experts in the field. It is not that easy to estimate the degree of flood damage in your home without the help of a professional inspector.

There are reliable disaster restoration experts that you can go for who will examine everything from the rooftop to the basement of your house or property. This is a helpful step to make as you establish how to recover from a flood.

5. Time to clean up

In case you are wondering how to clean up a house after the flood, it all starts by determining the extent of the damage caused and decide the right clean up options available. You can decide on what can be saved or what cannot. If you don’t know how to go about the cleaning up procedure, it’s time to ask yourself, “house flooded who do I call?”

6. Hire the best clean up company

One of the reliable flooded house repair strategies is to pump the water out and remove all the debris. However, this is not a simple chore, and you need to hire the best professionals in the field. You need to hire a reputed company that will guarantee the best rebuilding after a flood services.

The company you opt for should also offer the best electrical contractor, and should also be experienced HVAC specialist. This is a great strategy to undertake if you are still wondering, house flooding what to do. You will not only get a chance to save more funds but also get the best flood damage repair services.

While looking for the best contractor, make sure you ask questions that can help you solve the flooded house clean up disaster. The contractor should also be licensed by the relevant bodies. Flood waters also damage the heating and cooling systems. Ensure the specialist you get can safely solve the incurred damaged. In case the flooding is due to plumbing complications, contact a plumber to fix the source of the problem.

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7. Drying the flooded space

You should not just rely on simple flood repair services at disposal. Go on and make sure your house has dried out. Unfortunately, it is a process that might take weeks or months as it will depend on;

  • How harsh and serious the flooding was.
  • The thickness and sturdiness of the building materials used.

You have also to consider the flood tips home you relied on to solve the flooding house menace.  If the tips did not work, you have to figure out how to go about repairing your flooded home or drying out the flooded space.

It’s not easy to dry out the entire flooded room, but you need to employ the right methods to succeed in your endeavours. You can try and use central heating, especially if the heating system is working. If stuck, seek the help of a qualified home flood repair engineer.

You can speed up the drying out by keeping the rooms ventilated by opening doors, windows or any other openings in the home. You can use a dehumidifier to dry out your flooded garage and keep it in the best condition.

8. Make the necessary repairs

When you have cleaned up the debris in the flooding house and even dried out water, what to do with a flooded house should no longer be a big issue. It is time to make the necessary repairs and remodelling.  You don’t need to keep worrying on what to do after flood damage. It times to work things out and solve the problems once and for good.

Unfortunately, flooding is a natural disaster that no human being can control. What do you do if your house floods is a topic that you will not easily shy away from? You need to get down to business and figure out what home flooding service perfectly fit into the situation at hand.

Before you figure out what water flooding in house repair services you need, keep in mind that you will have to cough out some funds. Make sure your home is covered by the best flood insurance that will even cover the cost of repairs.


There are many areas in a flooded homestead that need to be repaired and remodelled. You may start by working on the damaged flooring. If you know what happens to flooded homes, you should not hesitate to rip out the damaged flooring whether it’s made of hardwood or tiles.

Wet surfaces on the floor will lead to mould and unexpected damages, so get rid of such flooring. If you cannot do it yourself, fret not. Contact the best contractor near you and inquire what to do when my house is flooded.

9. Don’t forget about your basement

Many homeowners may focus more on practical solutions on what to do when your home floods. The basement is also likely to be affected by floods, you should invest your time and money in this space. If your basement is flooded, you should not give up and let the water damage your belongings.

You can tear out the basement depending on the amount of damage caused. Then, go on and remodel it using more waterproof and mould-resistant drywall. There are also insulation products that you can use keep your basement in the best condition. With these details in mind, stop fretting on what to do after flood in basement. Just seek help from professional contractors and secure your basement from floods.



To Sum Up

Knowing after flood what to do is imperative information every individual in the society whether young or old should hold firmly. The most important thing is to be prepared and stay safe when floods strike. It is wise to seek help if you still wondering whether my house has flooded what do I do and you cannot find reliable solutions. At The Alternative Accommodation, will provide you with professional advice and help you stay safe and figure out where to start and rebuild your home following a flood. We are eager and willing to help on a 24/7 basis.

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