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Furniture Hire

We always seek furnished accommodation but in today’s residential lettings market more landlords are renting properties unfurnished or only partly furnished. Where fully furnished properties cannot be found our national supplier can provide a range of furniture hire solutions for every requirement with the confidence that all items supplied comply with current legislation.

Our Furniture Hire process is fast and convenient - we will provide you with what you need quickly.

Suffering a fire or flood can leave you without the furniture that you need and have come to take for granted. And it can be hard to settle in temporary accommodation without having the right items of furniture in the right places. So we can offer you a furniture hire solution to provide you with those essential items and help to make you comfortable in your temporary home.

Our National Supplier can offer a fully-furnished solution to any requirement. From basic items such as sofas and beds to more specific things like crockery and cutlery. We can provide you with temporary replacement items such as TV’s and microwave ovens whilst your insurers arrange permanent replacements or provide you with the funds to replace these items yourself. It is easy for you to see what is available and select the items that you require and we will then make all the necessary arrangements. The furniture will be delivered and professionally installed in your temporary home and support is available from our supplier for the duration of the hire.

Most items can be hired for a minimum of two months and can be on hire for as long as you require them. Usually, we ask our supplier to collect any hired items when you are ready to move back to your own home and a collection date is arranged at your convenience. But occasionally our customers like to keep the hired items for good and so you can purchase them directly from our supplier if you wish.


Our aim is to help the clients that come to us through each stage of the process.

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Nowadays, many landlords do not offer furnished accommodation and more often properties are let unfurnished or part-furnished at best. So if we find the right property for you but it is unfurnished do not despair! Our furniture hire service may be an excellent solution allowing you to proceed with the perfect property. Our colleagues will help you through the whole process which is totally stress-free.

Some landlords may provide poor or even unsafe furniture in their rental properties. All of the furniture and items provided by our supplier is fully compliant with the latest legislation so you can absolutely rest assured.

Depending on availability, we aim to provide you with a range of suitable accommodation options which you can then choose from

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A3 Accommodation Solutions

We take on every new client’s situation with a fresh perspective, assessing each customer’s requirements on an individual basis and acting upon your needs. Customer Service Excellence is something that we take very seriously so you can be sure that the service you get from us is specific to you and your individual circumstances and is delivered promptly, courteously and in a professional manner.