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Subsistence Payments

Often, if you have suffered a fire or flood we will move you to a hotel and pay for bed and breakfast accommodation. But you may also be entitled to payment of a daily subsistence allowance towards the cost of your hotel meals.

The stress of relocating is more than enough for a person or their family to deal with.

Having a weekly contribution towards your food expenses can be very reassuring as food costs can soon add up in a hotel especially for families. The entitlement and the daily amount will be decided by your insurers or their loss adjuster but if approved we will make this payment on a weekly basis whilst you remain in a hotel making life less stressful for you and your family. We make payments by same day bank transfer directly into your nominated bank account meaning no delays waiting for a cheque to arrive. With some hotels we can even add the cost of the evening meals onto our account so you wouldn’t even need to make payment yourself.


Our aim is to help the clients that come to us through each stage of the process.

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We don’t just make payments for food, we can arrange for emergency payments for all types of things. Usually we pay for meals, travel, parking and other mundane requirements but we have previously been asked to pay for a whole range of things - bicycles, travel cots and even a wheelchair. We can pay for virtually anything you need with a few hours notice.

We aim to do as much as possible for our customers and to go the extra mile to keep everyone as comfortable and as happy as possible

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We take on every new client’s situation with a fresh perspective, assessing each customer’s requirements on an individual basis and acting upon your needs. Customer Service Excellence is something that we take very seriously so you can be sure that the service you get from us is specific to you and your individual circumstances and is delivered promptly, courteously and in a professional manner.