Emergency Accommodation Options For Families

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Natural disasters can cause severe harm and injury to people. Lives may be lost, and valuable properties could be damaged. Recovering from such natural disasters involves a lot of funds, and people may not be able to get back their lost items as quickly as they would like to. Also, a period has to be given for government officials to inspect the area and determine the likelihood of reoccurrence of such disasters. While all these are going on, the people affected need emergency accommodation.

In the UK, several agencies have been set up to provide help to people that are faced with a crisis during and after a natural disaster. One agency that offers the best emergency accommodation services for families is the Alternative Accommodation Agency. We specialise in relocating our customers to locations with ease. We hope that you will not need our services, but if such disasters occur, we are here to help you out. Since natural disasters can occur at any time and hour of the day, we provide our services all day long and on every day of the year. We will provide emergency housing that will suit your need.

What Options Are Available To Homeless Victims Of Natural Disasters?


Homeless victims of natural disasters need a solution to their homelessness as quickly as possible. In the UK, few options are available to help find emergency accommodation for such victims. Most of these options provide short-term emergency housing and are controlled by non-profit organisations. However, a few others are handled by agencies in the UK. Some of such options include;

  • Local Council Housing: The local council is the common place where a lot of homeless victims seek out for emergency houses during periods of crisis. These councils are easily accessible so that in situations of crises you can get the help you need. In the UK, there are councils that you can contact after or during a natural disaster like storms, volcanoes and hurricanes. The major disadvantage of this option is that the time taken before a response is too long. Your local council gets a lot of applications daily, and processing all of them individually takes too long. The council may place you in a hostel, a house or a Bed and Breakfast (B&B). The process also involves a lot of stages to ensure that only eligible candidates are granted emergency accommodation. If your application is successful, an emergency council housing is granted to the applicant.
  • Private Agencies: For victims who cannot wait for long, private emergency agencies exist to provide you with accommodation. This option is more personal, as such agencies offer several other services to your comfort. Some of such services include furniture hiring, hiring of caravans and mobile homes, removal and storage of properties, among many others. One of the best companies that offer personalised emergency accommodation for victims of natural disasters is The Alternative Accommodation agency. We understand that the stress entailed in relocating and finding new homes in the UK. That is why we offer professional and efficient services in catering for your accommodation needs after a disaster.
  • Refugee Camps: This is an option that many people do not choose when faced with the need to get quick accommodation. Refugee camps are usually packed with people, and there is no guarantee of comfort in such camps. There are different types of these camps for women, youths and children, and they are managed primarily by non-profit organisations.

How To Apply For Emergency Housing

When such disasters make you homeless, you need to find help as quickly as possible. The process of applying for emergency housing in the UK is straightforward. You will need to make this homeless application soon so it can be processed on time. The normal process people carry out is to apply for help from your local council.

Depending on whether you are a citizen or not, applying for help may affect if you will be allowed to stay in the UK or not. In applying, the first step to take is to head to your council and request for a council hostel. A special housing officer will be assigned to interview you and an emergency number to reach the council. The council may require an explanation for how you became homeless as well as a few documents as proof. Next, is the interview phase where you speak to the house officer and get information about the processes involved. Lastly, the council will contact you whether you will be granted a council hostel or not.

You do not need to ask how long the council will take before they respond as it is obvious. They get a lot of requests daily, so processing all of them will take a while. Well, that is why you have a better alternative; The Alternative Accommodation. We do not take so much time in providing emergency services to homeless victims of natural disasters.

Our process of applying for emergency accommodation is stress-free and easy. Within a couple of days, you will be settled in your emergency accommodation. We also provide emergency hostel accommodation and removals of properties in urgent cases from the affected areas. You can be assured of a swift and easy relocation.

Emergency Accommodation Options For Families

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Natural disasters usually affect homes that are habited by families. Such families have the same option as single people do, that is, between a private agency like The Alternative Accommodation or a council emergency housing.

After your application for an emergency house is approved by the council, you may be put in a house called Bed and Breakfast (B&B). B&B are temporary accommodations and are usually run by private agencies like The Alternative Accommodation Agency. A B&B usually provides a shared kitchen, shared washing machine, shared bathroom, a furnished bedroom, and rooms. In some B&B, breakfast is also provided for the inhabitants, but in others, you are expected to cook.

The price for a B&B varies on what services and rooms are provided, and you are expected to pay for it yourself. Housing benefits may cover most of the charges of living in a B&B but does not cover food or heating. During the interview and application stage, it is necessary to state the amount that you can afford in case the council places you in a B&B or hostel.

Private agencies like The Alternative Accommodation offer affordable B&B prices so that you can have a comfortable and relaxed stay in the houses. We have professional and experienced employees that make sure you stay is stress-free and enjoyable. The B&B that we offer will include some additional services, and you can contact us at any hour and day to make enquiries.

It is also essential to be aware of whether it is a privately owned B&B or not, and you are expected to abide by the rules set in the place by the owners. Taking alcoholic drinks or drugs and failing to pay up are some of the standard practices that make people get evicted from B&Bs. If you have children, be sure that they too understand the rules and obey them always.

How Long Can The Council Keep You In A B&B?

B&Bs, just like any other accommodation given to you, are temporary. Since there are a lot of victims of natural disasters, it is important that anyone eligible gets a place to stay. This is why the time that one can stay in a B&B is concise.

Usually, the maximum period that families and pregnant women can stay in B&Bs managed by The Alternative Accommodation Agency is eight weeks. For single people, it is usually six weeks or less. Within this time frame, you start looking for a permanent replacement for your accommodation problems.

How Long Can The Council Keep You In A Hostel?

Hostels are another emergency option that the council has at their disposal to keep victims of natural disasters. They are usually suitable for single people who need a temporary place to stay. As many people fall under this category, you will expect that the council cannot house you in a hostel for a long time.

Typically, the period one can stay in a council is about six weeks. However, a period of grace may be given for some people to sort out their permanent housing issues.

Why Choose The Alternative Accommodation For Your Emergency Housing Services?

Several companies in the UK claim to give the best emergency services to homeless people. But you will hardly find any that offer their services across the UK. We provide the best services that you can find at a particular time that also suit your accommodation needs. We will provide you with emergency housing near you, so you do not have to relocate and change schools or work. We have many options that you can select from and ensure that you are comfortable in these new houses or B&Bs, and find suitable permanent accommodation for you.

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